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Pro Score difficulty is adjudicated per level. Each level difficulty sheet will serve as a guide to break down each scored element.


ALL skills are listed in order of difficulty from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum. There is also an area for non-listed level appropriate skills and non-listed non-level appropriate skills. This will allow for the judge to assess the skill and give the determined difficulty value. 


ALL difficulty categories require ½ plus 1 of the athletes to participate in a level appropriate skill in order to receive the Pro Score “Start Value” of 7.0. 


Click each of the following level difficulty sheets.

Level 1 Difficulty Sheet

Level 2 Difficulty Sheet

Level 3 Difficulty Sheet

Level 4 Difficulty Sheet

Level 5 Difficulty Sheet

Level 6 Difficulty Sheet

Once the team has received the Pro Score “Start Value” of 7.0, the judge will refer to the “HOW’s” (Higher Of Worth) of each category to determine the score. (maximum of 10.0) 

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